And save up to 95% on International Internet access with your Samsung S3 Classic

Need another phone number without switching SIM cards or carrying another phone? Need instant local Internet data connection when abroad? Enjoy the eSIM Revolution with Pay as you Go, local and global plans and save on data and voice roaming charges!

Do you need to connect as you go to any mobile carrier of your choice? Do you require to replace your existing SIM for any of those reasons? (theft, lost, suspension of your existing SIM card or phone, privacy issues, insufficient coverage or speed, high price for roaming, low quality of connection, confidentiality, need to travel for business or pleasure, need split billing, emergency contact or backup).

The MobilityPass eSIM for Samsung S3 Classic will provide solution by allowing instant International connection to 550 carriers. The best of all is that you can keep your local physical SIM inside your Samsung S3 Classic and switch between SIMs and data plans on the fly wihout need to physically replacing your SIM. eSIM is a BRAND NEW TECHNOLOGY implemented on the Samsung S3 Classic and the most RECENT DEVICES (phones, smartwatches, tablets, etc) from major manufacturers - please check device compatibility here

MobilityPass mobile carrier partner

Endless eSIM BENEFITS for Samsung S3 Classic......

The Power of Simplicity...

MobilityPass eSIM compatibility

MobilityPass eSIMs is following the GSMA directive and are compatible with any unlocked device "eSIM" ready, GSM devices, smart phone, tablet, Modem, Router, Mi-Fi, mobile device, ioT`s...

NO Shipping required

The delivery of your MobilityPass eSIM is made instantly available within your Member area as soon your account have passed our verification.

Where does it work

The MobilityPass eSIMs are working in almost any country around the world connecting you to the top tier mobile carriers network. The choice of the carrier is totally flexible and relies on your plans and requirements in terms of speed, coverage, quality and price . You are the one to choose the best setup as you go. See page on coverage...

Voice, Data & Text

The MobilityPass eSIM for Samsung S3 Classic includes the latest connectivity services available. The MobilityPass eSIM offers maximum coverage for crystal clear quality calls, instant SMS and mobile internet according to your requirements in terms of quality, speed and coverage.

  • Cellular data for 2G, 3G and 4G LTE
  • Inbound and outbound call/call-through & call-back
  • Text messages/SMS capabilities
  • UK mobile phone number (+44)
  • Voice Mail
  • Caller ID
  • Call forwarding
  • Confrence Call
  • Flexible Cost Saving Options...

    Free Membership

    When you activate your MobilityPass account, you automatically become a free "MobilityPass Member" without contract and operating under a prepaid service setup. Later on you can upgrade to several options for VIP or business

    Endless Control

    Access your account online to manage your eSIMs, configure your services, select the plan, change your credentials, recharge, check your account balance, your usage, your users and manage your alerts. When you use your eSIM, you will be notified on a daily basis the details of your usage and available credit allowing accurate control of your expenses.

    24/7 Support

    Our customer service is available 24/7 only from your Member Area for security and privacy purposes.

    Validity 1 Year

    Your account is a prepaid account, whatever the credit you add to your account balance, this credit is valid for a period of 365 days and you can choose to add more online at any time using credit card, debit card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, BitCoin and any other convenient method. The best of all is that your existing credit is prolonged as well for the same period

    MobilityPass eSIM Samsung S3 Classic (Digital Sim)
    Compatible with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, smart watches, iPad pro and other compatible Apple devices...

    eSIM Compatibility

    Select your current location or destination to check local rates and get personalised offer

    The MobilityPass SIM Cards have been designed to assist International Travellers with their communications needs while discovering the World.

    We have been providing bespoke data solutions for International travellers since year 2000. MobilityPass offering is the result of our massive experience and generous feedback from thousands of our clients, including students, expatriates, globally mobile employees and businessmen, as well as celebrities, famous athletes, movie stars, racing drivers and writers.

    How to activate eSIM Samsung S3 Classic DUAL SIM Plan......

    1 Get your eSIM

    Mobilitypass eSIM multiple carriers
    5 mins. digital deliver

    The MobilityPass eSIM is a digital SIM profile that is installed through a QR code into the embedded SIM (eSIM) that is already preinstalled into your device by the manufacturer. No shipping is required.
    show more...

    It is plug and play through a MobilityPass QRCode and Android Operating system, just follow the settings.

    Not all the device are eSIM ready and each day new device from many brands come to the market, please verify if your device is eSIM ready eSIM Compatibility.

    eSIM Compatibility

    2 Scan the QR code

    Mobilitypass eSIM QR code
    5 mins. installation

    Complete the one step registration to order (link to buy now esim)your MobilityPass eSIM. Go to your Member Area dashboard to get the QR Code to be scanned (how can i scan the code if i open QR code page from the same phone?). The application installed by the manufacturer will guide you
    show more...

    MobilityPass eSIM QR code to flash for embeded eSIM for iPhone, smart watch and connected devices MobilityPass esim logo for iphone , smart watch, tablet and connected devices

    3 Ready to Go!

    Mobilitypass eSIM multiple carriers
    3 mins. to connect

    Add MobilityPass proactive WebApp to your mobile startup screen to manage your eSIM settings and services through Member Area. Your mobile connection is ready, optimize as you need with the activation of the “DayPass plan” or use “Pay as you go” service.
    show more...

    MobilityPass member area dashboard proactive web applicatiion

    The eSIM integration for your device includes plenty of new features such as the dual SIM and other useful features for you to explore when expanding the iPhone with the MobilityPass eSIM.

    3 Easy steps to get Online
    It´s very flexible! Start and optimize on the Go

    1 Need multiple eSIMs?

    Mobilitypass multiple eSIM one account

    First you must choose how many eSIM or SIM you will need within your account. You can get as many as you need, one per device, family member, student or employee.
    show more...

    You can add more eSIM´s anytime from your Member Area.

    If one of your own devices is not yet compatible, do not worry, as we can provide physical SIM as well. Each day more mobile manufacturers integrate the embedded eSIM into the internet connected devices. We offer upgrade plan at any time.

    In case one of your devices is not eSIM ready and you need some physical SIM (Mini, Macro or nano), do not worry, as we do provide it as well directly within your Member area.

    All SIM and services are managed from your Member Area dashboard. Each SIM is totally independent and can be assigned to a particular user or device as you go.

    All SIM include all the features by default, whether you use it or not, it depends on your plan and services activation.

    The life duration of the SIM is attached to your account setup and status. We offer you a long term solution without contract and commitment to solve your global connectivity at once. Our policy is no usage = no billing.

    Buy Now!

    2 Prepaid budget

    Mobilitypass eSIM  reload

    In order to use the services you must assign a global credit to your unique account. The more credit you add the more discount you get. It is important to note that the added credit validity is set for 1 year. show more...

    Anytime you add more funds the remaining outstanding credit is prolonged for the same period (365 days).
    Your global credit is available to each eSIM, SIM or service, they will be able to spend what they need or activate within the authorisation. When a usage is registered as “Pay as you go”, for a plan or service, it is automatically debited from your credit (first In First, Out FIFO rules)
    f a eSIM or any service is not used for some time, no problem, no charge or usage will be debited until you require it.

    eSIM Logo

    3 Flexible “Pay as you Go”

    Mobilitypass eSIM account management

    You can use the service “as you go” without plan or you can select the one that suit your needs in terms of services, type, duration, volume, coverage, quality and price.
    show more...

    You or the user can activate the service for a specific eSIM, it is as simple as dialing a short code from the device or to activate directly from the Member dashboard.

    Now you are ready to distribute and move your SIM between your devices and users anywhere on the world. They just need to receive the eSIM QR code as a digital SIM profile to be installed into the embedded SIM by the device application settings.

    The Freedom to stay connected and SAVE on roaming Anywhere...

    Select your current location or destination to check local rates and get personalised offer

    MobilityPass eSIM Plus
    MobilityPass eSIM plus for iPhone
    Select prepaid credit in {{getCurrency()}}

    • Get Free Sim card for orders above 75 {{getCurrency()}}
    • Get Free Digital Delivery for orders above 100 {{getCurrency()}}
    • Get 10% Credit bonus on orders above 100 {{getCurrency()}}
    !!! Activate DayPass Data Plan for 80% savings and more Data!


    Select country above to view corresponding rates

    Usage is debited “as you go” from your prepaid credit

    Mobile Carrier



    Countries are listed Alphabetically and network from lower to higher price per MB
    G+{{getCurrency()}} 0.18
    MobilityPass eSIM Viet NamVIETNAM MOBILE - (VINAPHONE)
    G+{{getCurrency()}} 0.27
    G+{{getCurrency()}} 0.27


    Select country above to view corresponding rates

    Activate the DayPass plan for 24hrs when you need from your Member Area
    100 MB
    2.00 {{getCurrency()}}
    400 MB
    6.00 {{getCurrency()}}
    1000 MB
    10.00 {{getCurrency()}}
    You Activated Day Pass remains active and renews daily until switched off. When you reach limit of the purchased data (100, 400 or 1000Mb) you will drop to low speed and have limited carriers available
    DayPass Option
    Drop to low speed Limited carriers
    DayPass Option
    Full speed charges per MB Unlimited carriers
    DayPass Option
    Block until next period No carrier

    Notes: Please refer to FAQ/Knowledgebase for details on how to activate the Data Plan bundles and for other usage tips


    Select country above to view corresponding rates

    Call charges are debited from your prepaid credit as you go
    MobilityPass eSIM outgoing call
    MobilityPass eSIM outgoing call Zone 1
    MobilityPass eSIM outgoing call Zone 2
    MobilityPass eSIM outgoing call Zone 3
    MobilityPass eSIM incoming call
    Incoming calls 0.18 {{getCurrency()}}


    Select country above to view corresponding rates

    Text charges are debited from your prepaid credit as you go
    MobilityPass eSIM outgoing call
    MobilityPass eSIM text message Zone 1
    MobilityPass eSIM text message Zone 2
    MobilityPass eSIM text message Zone 3
    MobilityPass eSIM incoming call
    Incoming Text - SMS FREE

    Notes: Please refer to FAQ/Knowledgebase for details on how to activate the Data Plan bundles and for other usage tips

    The MobilityPass eSIM for Samsung S3 Classic is not limited to Viet Nam and work all around the world

    With your MobilityPass eSIM account you are no longer tied to one single network carrier around the World or through their alliance - you are totally independent to choose any network at any time in any country where it isavailable (Zoom and click on the country to see the offer)


    Service and account are restricted in the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea), Sudan, Syria.

    If you do not own yet a Samsung S3 Classic. Maybe it´s time to upgrade your old device and take advantage of the REVOLTIONARY eSIM technology